How many students can ride a school bus?

Large capacity school buses can transport 84 elementary students, 58 middle or high school students.  A conventional school bus can transport 66 elementary students or 44 middle or high school students.  Remember to leave room for teachers.

Do you have special needs buses?

Yes, we do.

Can we transport coolers on the bus?

Not in the seating area but our buses have compartments on the exterior for storage.

Can we request a driver?

Please do.

How do I request a bus?

Call 502-614-7269 and talk to one of our schedulers.

Are there any time limitations?

We rent overnight, 24 hours a day.

Do you transport band instruments?

Yes, we do.

Do you allow eating or drinking on the school bus?

In some circumstances.

Do you have charter buses that have handicap access?

Yes, we do.

Do your charter buses have A/C?

Yes, they do.

Do you have shuttle charter size buses?

Yes, we do.